How to keep my order delivered on time?

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It’s production manager’s responsibility to make sure everything is on track.  However, as a customer if you want to do something to make sure the parts are delivered on time, you might find my 4 Tips/Suggestions useful.

1.  Purchase order.

All production happened AFTER the manufacturers get your order form.  In some circumstance the manufacturer requires down payment to confirm the order.  If you don’t want to delay the order, you probably need to send the order sheet or down payment earlier. 

2.  Raw material arrival.

After the order is confirm, next thing you want to follow is the raw material arrival date.  Raw material is the first critical path leading to production. Without the material the factory can do nothing.  So ask the factory when the raw material will arrive and make up the date to follow up again.

3.  Production plan control

Once you know the material has arrived, you can ask for the production plan from the manufacturer.  Just a rough plan for you to understand where your parts are traveling to at each stage.  For example, you have stamping for 10 days, deburring for 2 days, milling for 20 days, etc.…  So you will be able to following though those processes to make sure nothing is delayed. Again this is production manager’s responsibility to keep those schedule on track, but it’s always good to understand the products.

4.  Loading to the container

Once the parts are finished, packed and loaded to the container, it’s forwarder’s job to ship the parts to you.  At this point you have done all you can do to make it happen.  Sit back, release and make yourself a nice cup of tea.

There are still many other situations that might need your extra care.  Under any circumstance, asking for a weekly update from your manufacturer will help you to avoid any unexpected surprises.

We hope the above suggestions could be helpful for you! 
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