Why my order is delayed?

When the manufacturer replies you the lead time is 40 days, you might want to top on another 30 days to make it 80 days and then plus transportation time, depending on what kind of shipping method you choose.
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For example, if the manufacturer said 30 days lead time, shipping via UPS, than you might want to make it 30 days (lead time)+30 days(possible delay)+10 days (UPS).

“WHY?  Does my supplier cheat on me?”  NO, Let’s not put things this way.  The supplier is just being positive about how things move. 

First let’s review the production methods of your products.  Taking a pair of scissor as an example.  This product requires stamping, deburring, milling, heat treatment, electroplating, assembly and packing to complete the entire production.  Most of those processes don’t happen in one factory.  So basically your products are “traveling” in between at least 4 factories to get each process down. 

“So what? 10 days at each process is fairly enough” you might think. 

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However, those factories are not sit waiting for your parts coming.  They each have other jobs running on the production line while your parts coming from last process.  So your parts have to stay at waiting line till they finish the current job. 3-5 days waiting at each factories accumulates 12-20 days, and if holidays are in-between those days, it’s very possible the delays become 30 days.

Sometimes if one factory goes wrong, for example, the electroplating didn’t do their job right, your products will be traveling back again and more days goes by. 

Of course most of the time the parts could finish just on time.  We hope this article could help you understand more about delay at production side.  By reading this article we also hope you learn how to avoid delay-which we will discuss more at next post.  Thanks!

How to keep my order delivered on time?

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