Our organized forging plant

Forgin parts made in Taiwan and China.
Our contracted forging plant is located in Shanghai.  At this moment we have 60% production occupied by USA brand products, and 40% Japanese and German brand products.  With stabled contracted customers, we are able to focusing on manufacturing and quality control, or you can say vice versa.
1.    Raw Material / Raw material cutting:


The raw materials includes SS and WCB bars which are placed outside of the plant waiting to be forged.  In cutting room are some yellow and red painted cuttings.  The painting is to tell SS 316L, SS 316 and SS304.
All income materials are traceable up to date.

2.    Forging workshop/Forging mold/Forging stock

The plant owns forging workshop and we see this a plus on QC.  The quality is fully controlled from very beginning. Not to worry about the unstable quality from outside.
Cards are used to help organize different forging stock, also all areas are marked clearly and it’s not possible for the material to be messed around.

3.   Checking point

Here comes an important area-checking point.  After certain process all material will be sent here for a visual and dimension checking before moving to next step.  In the photos you will see some are qualified and some are not.  They are clearly separated by different basket.  The worker in picture is just checking the dimension of flange with drawing and gauge.

4.   Storage Area

Here is an area for materials in between different process and waiting to be move to next step.  Again cards are used to tell their current and/or next status.

5.   Drilling and CNC machining

Each machine has a small desk shows some charts, including the inspection and checking of machine, and the drawing.  All the gauges are placed close to the workers, either on top of the machine or at the small cart behind them. We notice they use the gauge frequently.
6.   Valve accessory control

We also clearly mark out the accessories for different customers.  The storage is extremely organized.  All income accessories will be sampled and inspected before placed into shelves.

7.   Pressure test / Quality Control

The plant equipped with two Pressure test machines.  All testing process strictly follows API.  In the quality control room they equip many testing machines including impact testing, material analyzer, hardness test.. etc.  As shown in the photos there are charts next to them shows how frequent they are used.

In general

This plant could be the most organized factory we have ever been to.  Each area is clearly marked and each pile of materials is marked by cards telling what the next process is.   

If you have an interested in sending an inquiry of forging parts, please feel free to do so.  Inquire us.

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Our factory is located in Taiwan and China.