What is different between SWISS TYPE(Sliding head) Lathe and Conventional (Fixed head) Lathe?

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CNC is Computer Numerical Control. It’s a high efficiency machine that costs lower employee and produce precisely. There is a big family of CNC lathe and here we would like to talk about Swiss Style Lathe(Sliding head) and Conventional lathe (Fixed Head). These are the two major members in the family.

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SWISS-STYLE compound CNC Lathe machining

A Swiss type lathe machines small parts diameter under 33mm. A bar feeder feeds the stock continuously.   While operation, its headstock moves.  Bar stock pass through a chucking collet in the headstock, which clamps onto it.  The bar emerges into the tooling area through a guide bushing, which locates the bar raidally during machining.   The spindle cramped the material and rotate while tooling travel X and Z axis to perform the machining jobs. 

All work includes drilling, taping and milling were performed quickly and perfectly.  The Swiss type lathe is commonly used for delicate electronic components, industrial applications, medical applications and aero industrial applications.  Generally it's suitable for long and slender items. 

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Fix Head(conventional) compound CNC Lathe machining
In a conventional Fix head lathe there is a fixed headstock.  The workpiece is held in a chuck and extends into the the machine enclosure as a cantilever or can be supported on the end for the tailstock.  A fix head lathe machines bigger items size above 20mm, harder materials like car wheel steel ring. Generally, it’s suitable for fat and short items.

So to generally sum up, SWISS- type lathe helps a lot with small, delicate and complicated parts, while Conventional type is for larger and heavier parts.

HSIEH Metal has equipped with both types of CNC machines to satisfied most needs. Please feel free to send us inquiry of the components and we will reply you very soon!

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