Why should I OEM/ODM in Taiwan?

Design, Manufacturing and Assembling inside of mechanical component for our project. - Hsieh Metal
Design, Manufacturing and Assembling inside of mechanical component for our project. - Hsieh Metal, Taiwan

Why Should I OEM/ODM in Taiwan?

At late 20 centuries, after World War II, Taiwan has created so called “Economical Miracle” with its industrial manufacture ability. That’s when the first trend of globalization has pushed all international companies to look for lower labor cost manufacturers world widely. Many OEM orders was placed to Taiwan which helps Taiwan raise its GDP from $153(1960) to $5350(1987) within 20+ years. The world leading NO. 1 semi-conductor OEM company-TSMC was set up at 1987. 

Starting from early 2000 year, the burst out of red supply chain attracted many international companies to set up facilities in China. Even certain amounts of Taiwanese enterprise chose to move to China. Until recently the Trade War has stopped China from growing bigger. 
Now international companies faced one question: Where can I find the next business partner? My answer is Taiwan; the reason is as followed:

  1. Taiwan is experienced and creative
The OEM experience after World War II provided Taiwan deep knowledge of manufacturing and quality control. Taiwan is trained to make the product well in details. Although the industry slowed down a bit since China raised, we see it’s a chance for industrial transformation and generation alternation. The gap in between orders is in turn a break for new generation to innovate more creative ideas on manufacturing. The combination of new and old industrial generations would activate more solid and powerful OEM ability.

  1. Small but flexible
According to Ministry of Economic Affairs, Almost 99% of Taiwan enterprises (97.64% in 2018) are  medium to small size. This provides great flexibility when facing uncontrollable changes such as financial crisis or trade wars. In fact, many Taiwan enterprises stay small to keep its ability to sense the environment change, and further react to it by improving internally quickly.
  1. Taiwan Respect
Taiwan’s culture and personality has been very reliable and trustworthy. Song Yih has developed many wonderful projects with clients and it’s never a problem when it comes to keep the information confidential. 

We hope this gives you an idea when you have a new project to develop, where you should go.

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